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The AlphaGun V6
The AlphaGun V6
The AlphaGun V6
The AlphaGun V6

The AlphaGun V6

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The AlphaGun V6 is one of the most powerful, versatile and best value full body percussive massage guns on the market.

With 10x as many speeds and more massage heads than leading alternatives, in addition to a powerful 3,200 RPM motor and 4 hour battery life, the AlphaGun V6 offers a highly customized massage experience.

Why the AlphaGun V6?

The AlphaGun V6 has 30 speeds
30 Speed Settings
The AlphaGun V6 has 30 speed settings that range from very gentle to intense massage.  This gives you a more customized massage than alternatives with fewer speeds.

7 Massage heads
7 Massage Heads
With 7 massage heads, the AlphaGun V6 has more than the leading alternatives - its versatile and fully customised for the whole body.

Long battery life
The AlphaGun V6 has up to 4 hours continuous use per full charge.  Charger + US plug included.

Value Massage Gun
At $129, the AlphaGun V6 is our best value percussive massage device with more features and a lower price than most alternatives: powerful 3,200 RPM, 7 massage heads, 30 speeds and an LCD interface.

Free shipping on all US orders
Orders are usually sent the same or next working day and delivered in 2-4 days.  Shipped free from the USA using FedEx.

Use it Anywhere
The AlphaGun is lightweight, low noise (40-65dB) and comes with a free carry case worth $25, so you can take it anywhere - the gym, office, on holiday...

Try the AlphaGun V6 risk-free with 30-day free returns and a 1 year warranty that's automatically registered on purchase.

What's Included?

  • 1 x AlphaGun V6 Percussion Massage Gun
  • 1 x 2400mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • 1 x Charging Cord with US plug
  • 7 x Attachments to target all muscle groups
  • 1 x User manual
  • 1 x Carry case

Technical Specification

From 1,600 to 3,200 in 30 increments (speed settings)

Amplitude/Stroke Length

Noise Level
40-65dB (comparable to normal conversation or an electric toothbrush)

Stall Force

Lithium battery with 4 hours use time - charge once a month or less

2.2lb (1kg)

12 month warranty against manufacturing faults covers device and heads

Shipped From
Chicago, IL or Houston, TX with FedEx or USPS

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Brian Roberts

Great customer service and a good massage gun.

Raoul D

I was planning to get a massager gun that's about the same price as this one but although i was a bit apprehensive at first I'm really pleased I got the alpha gun instead. Its got a lot more features - the extra massage heads are the best thing in my opinion as there are different ones for different parts of the body that other massagers ignore. Being able to start with a low RPM massage is good too. I usually start off on the low settings and build up to the high RPM when I've been training hard. Starting off too high can be a bit rough on my body as it's quite a powerful device. You cant do this with most massagers because they only have 2/3 speeds that start much higher

Hendon McDonald

Have been out running a lot more lately since my local gym closed. I usually do weights so I'm not used to this much aerobic activity and have been getting sore and cramping up. Stretching helps and I bought this massage gun two weeks ago - it's great. Really helps a lot more than stretching. Pretty much eliminated the soreness and cramp problem. I can run every day now and my fitness is holding up without the gym. Delivery took 7 days which is a bit slow so only giving 3 stars but its a good massage gun and does what it says

Hillary Smith

I do various sports and gym. This is the perfect item to muscle pain relief and helps blood consultation. Before using this item I would advise people to read and understand each of the adapters. Once you know what each adapter are for you can focus on the parts of the body that requires the massage.

Rajan Mohamed

Much better build quality. I bought a really cheap massager on amazon and it broke within less than two months. They wouldn’t give me a refund. Got this AlphaGun instead at the end of last year. Just holding it you can feel its noticeably higher quality and has already lasted 3x as long as the cheap one. Unlike the cheap one it has a guarantee too.