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The AlphaGun X
The AlphaGun X
The AlphaGun X
The AlphaGun X
The AlphaGun X

The AlphaGun X

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The AlphaGun X is our latest full body percussive massage gun - one of the most powerful and versatile massage devices on the market.

Used around the world, the AlphaGun X is designed to provide an intense massageWith a powerful 3,500 RPM motor, low noise level, long battery life - plus 30 speeds and 8 massage heads - it gives a deep and highly customized experience.

Why the AlphaGun X?

30 Speed Settings
The AlphaGun has 30 speed settings that range from gentle to intense massage.  10x the number as some alternatives, this gives you a highly customized massage.

8 Massage Heads
With 8 massage heads, the AlphaGun X has more than the leading alternatives - its versatile and fully customised for the whole body.

Long battery life
The AlphaGun X has up to 5 hours continuous use per full charge.  Charger + US plug included.

Best Value Massage Gun
At $299, the AlphaGun X is among the best value percussive massage devices on the market with more features and a lower price than most alternatives: powerful 3,500 RPM, 8 massage heads, 30 speeds and an LCD interface.

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Use it Anywhere
The AlphaGun X is lightweight, low noise (60-65dB) and comes with a free carry case, so you can take it anywhere - the gym, office, on holiday...

The AlphaGun X has a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1 year warranty that's automatically registered on purchase.

What's Included?

  • 1 x AlphaGun X Percussion Massage Gun
  • 1 x 2400mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery
  • 1 x Charging Cord with US plug
  • 8 x Attachments to target all muscle groups
  • 1 x Carry case
  • 4 x spare gasket rings

Download user manual here

Technical Specification

From 1,600 to 3,500 in 30 gradual increments (speed settings)

Amplitude/Stroke Length

Noise Level
60-65dB (comparable to normal conversation or an electric toothbrush)

Stall Force

Lithium battery with 5 hours use time - charge once a month or less

2.2lb (1kg)

12 month warranty against manufacturing faults covers entire device and heads

Shipped From
Chicago, IL or Houston, TX with DHL

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Henry Alcott

great value massager. there is a big difference between the top and bottom speeds, very powerful but adjusts gradually. Just what I was looking for

Jim Bowmore

Bought this for my partner who runs marathons and trains nearly every day. She was really impressed with it, so I’m happy

Hector Alvarez

This thing really helped with some flexibility issues I was having. The top speeds are far too powerful, which is why it’s good it has so many lower speeds. Only use it from 10-20. It comes with two soft ball-shaped heads which are the only ones I use - they are the best for a gentle massage.

Helen Morse

This thing is great. The build quality is far better than I was expecting. Its got a good weight to it, not too heavy to handle, but heavy enough to feel like it will last. Handle has a good grip on it, which is useful when your hands get sweaty.
The assortment of attachments and large number of speeds really make a difference. Feels like it gets really deep into the muscle too. I had a look at a lot of other massagers and this one had the right mix of value and good design.

Kate Anderson
a good buy

Wanted one for ages but just couldn't justify the cost. These things are usually $400! Then I was recommended this Alpha device. I wasn't expecting much honestly but my goodness it has fulfilled. Helping my hip and leg pain. Great for recovery. Absolute must! Solid build, doesn't feel cheap at all! Great case with multiple heads. Already persuaded 2 people to buy them, they were not disappointed.