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Opove M3 Pro Review - and the better alternatives

The Opove M3 Pro was a popular and relatively inexpensive percussive massage gun and it's successor, the Opove M3 Pro Max is a similar device with some slight upgrades, which will be discussed in this review. The new Opove M3 Pro Max is one of many similar massage guns on the market, including the Hyperice HyperVolt, the KraftGun, and our very own AlphaGun V6, so I'm also going to compare it to the alternatives as well. In this Opove review, I'm going to cover: 1. What the features of the Opove M3 Pro (and M3 Pro Max) are2. What's good about the Opove3. What's bad about it4. Finally how it compares to the AlphaGun V6, which is cheaper* and has some additional features the Opove lacks *$50 cheaper + get an extra $10 off...

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