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Massage Gun Reviews

Here's a list of all the percussive massage guns we've reviewed on this site:

Exogun DreamPro - a well known budget massage device with 6 speeds and 4 heads, priced at $149.

Addsfit Massage Gun - no longer available to buy, the Addsfit was a massage gun that was popular on Amazon but also available through the brand's online store.

Infinity Massage gun - one of a number of devices produced by Infinity, a massage gun manufacturer that's popular on

Aura Revive massage gun - a reasonably priced massage gun which has a heater function, but a limited range of heads and speeds.

Theragun Prime - a budget massage device from the leading and usually very expensive manufacturer of the Theragun, Therabody.

As for comparisons, we've reviewed the Hypervolt vs Theragun here, as well as the Theragun Prime vs Elite here.

Opove M3 Pro - review of a long established and popular budget massage device available on Amazon.

Ekrin B37 - a popular massager gun with a range of heads and an unusual ergonomic design, popular among athletes around the world.

Vybe Massage gun review - a review of a popular massage device that's been available on Amazon for some time now. Quite expensive, but highly rated.

Cryotex Massage Gun - a very low priced percussive massage device that's available on Amazon. Limited features but very cost effective.

Vivaspa Percussion Massager - a popular massage device that's available on in the USA

Darcorm Massage Gun - another popular massage device, notable for it's wide range of heads

Brookstone Massage Gun - a long-standing device that's been on the marketplace for a while now. Popular in the USA.

The Renpho R3 Massage Gun - A very popular seller of massage devices on and it's own site

Homedics Massage Gun - Homedics make and sell innovative percussive massage devices online

Sharper Image power percussion deep tissue Massages - another popular massage gun that sells well online and has some high profile endorsements