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Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Review

If you are looking for a massager that provides you with a great percussive style massage, you may want to look at the Ekrin B37 Massage Gun. This percussion gun is designed to offer you up to 56 pounds of force. It also features ultra-quiet technology and a battery that lasts up to eight hours.

Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Review

If you're in the market for a new massage gun, there are a few different options to choose from. These guns vary in their ability to target specific muscle groups, but all have the ability to relieve your aches and pains.

Choosing the right one depends on a number of factors, including the weight of the massager, its noise level, and how much power it provides. A massager that's too heavy or loud for you to use for an extended period can actually hinder your massages. On the other hand, a lightweight, quiet gun that offers a lot of power is ideal for athletes.

Ekrin B37 Massage Gun Review

Another consideration is how many attachments the gun offers. Ekrin offers four, but some companies offer more than this. They may also have a couple different versions of the same attachment.

The attachments can help you target areas you need to work on. For example, a forked attachment is ideal for the neck and spine. Meanwhile, a silicone ball is perfect for massaging medium to large muscles. Lastly, a wedge is great for targeting the IT band.

Another feature is a retroactive force meter. This sensor detects downward pressure and uses LED lights to display the maximum recommended force.

Battery life is another factor to consider. The battery of the B37 will last up to eight hours, which is tops in the industry.

Ekrin's flagship model, the B37, comes with a fitted carrying case. This allows you to carry the massager with you on the go.

How does percussive massage work?

Percussive massage is a powerful technique that can speed up recovery and reduce muscle soreness. It works by delivering essential compounds to the muscles. This type of massage is often praised by athletes.

During a workout, your body experiences micro-tears in the muscle. These tears cause inflammation, which can cause soreness. Percussive massage is designed to relieve pain and restore mobility.

Athletes often use percussion massage to relieve soreness and prevent injury. They also believe that it helps increase range of motion. While there are plenty of benefits for athletes, anyone can benefit from this treatment.

Besides helping recover from a workout, percussion therapy can help improve your heart health. Increased blood flow can help remove toxins and promote weight loss. Blood is rich in oxygen and nutrients, which help structures heal faster.

Another benefit of percussive therapy is that it can also reduce the perception of muscle fatigue. This means that you can use it prior to a workout to lessen the amount of muscle damage.

Several studies have shown that using a massage gun can speed up weight loss. It can also help with cellulite. But not all percussion therapy devices are created equal.

The most important thing to consider when buying a percussive massager is battery life. You should invest in one that has two hours of use on a single charge. However, if you are not using the device everyday, you may be fine with a shorter battery life.

What is a percussive massage gun?

A percussive massage gun is a type of device that uses vibrations and tapping to provide relief for muscle pain. These devices can be used to relieve aches and stiffness in muscles, to boost blood circulation, and to speed up recovery after a workout.

There are several types of percussive massage guns available on the market. They can vary in size and quality. Generally, a good massage gun provides rapid bursts of force into the muscles it targets.

Before buying a massage gun, be sure to consult with your doctor. You should avoid using it if you're recovering from a recent bone fracture, or if you have cancerous lesions. It's also important to know which areas to avoid, such as bones, nerves, and joints.

One of the best things about a percussive massage gun is that you can use it at home or at the gym. Most of the guns on the market feature a handle so you can use it in a variety of ways.

You can get a percussive therapy massage gun that can penetrate up to an inch deep into soft tissue. This will allow you to target muscle knots and trigger points, which are areas that are more likely to be a source of pain.

Percussive therapy is an emerging treatment for sports recovery, and many people have turned to it to ease aches and tightness. Using this technique will improve your range of motion, ease your muscle aches, and increase your flexibility.

Good Things about the Ekrin B37 (& B37S) Massage Gun

Ekrin Massage Gun Review - If you're looking for an effective, yet affordable way to massage, this is a great option. The patented design ensures the best handling in the industry. It features a streamlined, ergonomic shape that offers the best of both worlds.

In addition to providing a great massage, this product also helps increase circulation, reduce pain, and enhance mobility. However, it's not exactly an inexpensive device, and you'll likely need to recharge it at least once a week.

For most users, the mid-range Elite model is the best choice. This is a sleek device that has a good battery life. Aside from its obvious appeal to those seeking a quality massage, it also boasts Bluetooth connectivity.

Unlike the Hypervolt Go, the Hyperice GO 2 does not connect to the Hyperice app, so you'll have to manually choose your speeds. Also, the battery doesn't provide as much power as most massage guns.

One of the most impressive aspects of this device is the lifetime warranty. While most massage guns offer one year warranties, this product offers a two-year guarantee.

Another feature is the patented shape. Although most of the industry has a triangular shape, this device boasts a patented design. The upper handle provides power and precision, while the lower handle offers maximum reach.

Overall, the newest version of this product stands out among the pack. Among compact massage guns, it's a clear winner.

What the Ekrin Massage Gun Lacks

If you are considering investing in a massage gun, you have probably heard of the Ekrin Athletics BANTAM mini. This compact model is a worthy alternative to name brands and features the best of everything.

It is a small, pocket-sized device that is lightweight and comfortable to use. The patented shape is a key factor in the overall handling, which allows for better grip and less wrist extension.

This gun is also one of the more powerful models on the market, with a speed range of 1750-2400 percussions per minute. It is also fairly quiet, which is a bonus for those who are sensitive to noise.

While the Ekrin BANTAM Mini is certainly impressive, it is a bit more expensive than many of its competitors. On top of that, it is not the most technologically advanced model on the market. Luckily, it is backed by an amazing lifetime guarantee, so you can be confident in your purchase.

Although the Ekrin BANTAM Mini Massage Gun is a good option, you may be better off looking at other models. For instance, the Ekrin Athletics B37S Percussion Massager has better battery life than most competitors, and is more affordable.

Another massage gun that is not a clone of the Ekrin is the Remington RX-700. This unit offers an impressive range of features, including six different head attachments. Plus, it is a bit more compact than the Ekrin and is a bit quieter.

Ekrin Massage Gun Review Conclusion

The Ekrin B37 is one of the best massage guns out there. It features top-notch build quality and is easy to use. The gun offers great versatility for massaging large or small muscles.

With its brushless motor and high performance, the Ekrin B37 is more powerful than most other massage guns. But it also comes at a much lower price.

The exterior of the Ekrin B37 is ultra-grippy and velvety smooth. It is also very comfortable to hold. This is because it has a rubber handle. In addition, it has a super-long grip to help users reach difficult areas.

Another positive feature of the Ekrin B37 is that it doesn't heat up and it won't run out of power. The battery is rechargeable. That means you can keep using it for months without having to worry about replacing the battery.

Aside from the battery, the Ekrin B37 also comes with four different attachments. Each of the attachments has its own function. One of these attachments is a flat head, which is suitable for massaging large muscles.

Another attachment is a ball attachment, which is ideal for massaging all medium-sized muscles. Lastly, there is a fork attachment. These are all made from closed-cell foam, which is much more comfortable than the hard plastic heads of the previous models.

Another great feature of the Ekrin B37 is the retroactive force meter. Using LED lights, the force sensor is able to tell you how much pressure is being applied.