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Aura Revive Massage Gun Review: Is It Worth Buying?

The Aura Revive Massage Gun is a popular and innovative percussive massage gun that's available in the United States.

Unlike many massage devices, the Aura Revive Massage Gun offers "infrared Technology+ Heat" that's designed to "relieve pain and heal 3X faster" according to the website.

What this means is that 1 of the 8 interchangeable heads is able to conduct heat, and when using this head you can use it heated or not.

Other than this, the Aura Revive has many standard features you would expect to find among massage guns - over 3,000 RPM, 12mm amplitude and a low noise motor.

While the heated massage head is an innovative feature, the Aura Revive Massager falls short on some other features.  In particular, it has a limited range of speeds (only 5) and the battery life is shorter than many devices.

It's also quite expensive at $199.

So, in this Aura Revive Massage Gun review, I'm going to cover:

1. What the features of the Aura Revive Massager are
2. What's good about the Aura Revive Massage Gun
3. What's not so good about it
4. Finally how it compares to the alternatives which are up to $70 cheaper, but have more speeds and some other features.

What's good about the Aura Revive Massage Gun?

The Aura Revive Massage Gun, made by Aura Wellness, is the only massager on the market that uses heat technology.

While many massage guns offer a range of massage heads, the Aura Revive has one (out of a total of 8) that is able to conduct heat.

Aura Revive massage gun review - at $199, it's cheaper vs the theragun

The idea is that this is meant to aid recovery faster than without heat, although we were unable to find any scientific studies that backed up this claim.

Regardless, it's an innovative feature and make the device stand out from what is now a crowded marketplace of massage guns.

Other than this, the Aura Revive is a good standard massager and compares well to others in the market.

Eight massage heads is more than many devices, such as the more expensive HyperVolt (which has 5) and the similarly priced Opove (which has 4).  The power is in line with most massage devices too, at over 3,000 RPM.

The Aura Revive has an amplitude of 12mm, making it the same as many other comparable devices - including the Hypervolt, AlphaGun and Hydragun, and more than some budget devices such as the Exogun and Opove M3 Pro (which both have an amplitude of 10mm).

A larger amplitude means a deeper muscle massage.

With up to 3 hours battery life, the Aura Revive is at the lower end of the spectrum, but still higher than some premium devices, such as the Theragun Prime which has a 2.5 hour battery life.

It's possible that the heat feature might reduce the battery life, as heating the massage head will use more energy, so if you're happy with this trade-off then the relatively short usage time is not an issue.

What does the Aura Revive Massage lack?

While the Aura Revive Massage Gun compares well on most features, there are two important areas it might fall short: the number of speeds and the price.  Potentially the battery life too.

With just 5 speeds, the Aura Revive Massage Gun has quite a limited range, and the lowest setting is still quite high.  There are two main problems with this:

1. The Aura Revive effectively only has 5 massage programs - there are now alternatives with as many as 30 speeds.

2. The speed settings do not increase gradually, but in steep increments.  For example, if your body is very sore the lowest setting of the Aura Revive might be too powerful, and there's a big jump in RPM between each setting as there are only 5.

With more speeds, you could start at a lower intensity for very sore or painful muscles and move up more gradually.  Compared to some alternatives, this means the Aura Revive massage gun may not offer such a highly customizable massage, but it is still a high quality device.

Then there's the price to consider.  At $199, while the Aura Revive Massage Gun has an innovative heat feature, if you do not intend to make significant use of this one heated massage head, the device is potentially quite expensive.

Finally, although the battery life at 3 hours (max) is longer than some devices, it's shorter than average. Again, the heat feature has an impact here (heating the massage head uses more energy), so if you want this almost unique feature then it's worth it.

If not, there are much cheaper devices with more speed settings and longer battery life.

The Top Aura Revive Massager Alternatives

We can't talk about the alternatives without mentioning the Theragun or the HyperVolt.  These are the two that started it all, the original percussive massage devices.

But they are not cheap, and compared to devices like the Aura Revive and others, they lack some key features.

For example, both have a relatively low number of speeds - the HyperVolt has only 3 and the Theragun has 5. Both charge extra for things like carry case ($50) and both have a relatively limited battery life compared to new and cheaper devices - the HyperVolt has only 3 hours and even the $599 Theragun has just 2.5 hours.

Neither offer the one unique heat feature of the Aura Revive either - and both are more expensive at between $299 and $599.

As for lower priced alternatives, there are quite a few.

The Opove and ExoGun are both either cheaper or the same price as the Aura Revive.

The Opove is a very similar looking device to the Aura Revive, with similar basic features, but it has only 3 speed settings, 10mm amplitude, 30lb of stall force and only 4 massage heads.  All of these are inferior to the Aura Revive, and the Opove has no heated massage heads.  It costs the same as the Aura Revive at $199.

The ExoGun has one main advantage over the Aura Revive though - it's cheaper at only $149. It has many of the same features again, but 6 speed settings instead of 5.  It does not, however, offer a heated massage head and the amplitude is only 10mm again - like with many cheaper devices.

Finally, there's the AlphaGun V6.  The AlphaGun is similar to the Aura Revive in design, and both have a powerful brushless motor, quiet-glide technology, strong outer casing and a carrying case.  Many of the basic features are the same.

The AlphaGun V6 also comes with 7 massage heads and free delivery.

But they diverge on a few features:

  1. The AlphaGun V6 is $70 cheaper at $129
  2. The AlphaGun has many more speed settings - 30 compared the the Aura Revive's 5 speeds.
  3. The AlphaGun V6 does not have a heated massage head feature.
  4. The AlphaGun V6 has a longer battery life at 4+ hours.

HyperVolt Review vs AlphaGun V6

The AlphaGun V6 has a higher stall force (45lb vs 40lb with the Aura Revive) and the same RPM of 3,200, so overall the power level is similar.  Unlike most low-cost massagers the AlphaGun has a respectable 12mm amplitude, so it still provides a deep massage.

While the AlphaGun V6 lacks the one unique feature of the Aura Revive massage gun (the heated massage head), it makes up for it elsewhere - with many more speeds and a lower price.

Having 30 speed settings makes the AlphaGun capable of a much wider range of massage programs - e.g. for different body parts, for when you're very sore, if you only want a very gentle massage, etc.

Not only does the AlphaGun V6 have a much lower minimum speed (of 1,600 RPM), but you'll be able to increase the intensity much more gradually when required between the Alpha's 30 speeds than the Aura Revive's 5.

If you want to save $70 and get a more customizable device, the AlphaGun V6 is worth looking at - especially if you do not plan to use the heated massage head feature on the Aura Revive, which is quite an expensive feature.

Both have a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty. Both come with US charging plugs included.

Four key reasons to try the AlphaGun instead:

1. It's cheaper at $129 compared to $199

2. The Alpha has comparable amplitude, massage heads and power as the Aura Revive.

3. The AlphaGun's 30 speeds settings make it much more customizable and comfortable than devices with only 5 speeds.

4. The AlphaGun has more battery life at 4+ hours compared to the Aura Revive's 3 hour (max).

5. The AlphaGun is shipped free from Texas with USPS and usually delivered in about 2-4 days.

So, for a limited time you can get a powerful and versatile massage gun for $70 less by choosing the AlphaGun V6.


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The aura revive is a massage device that can be used for many different purposes, including self-defense. The different pieces of this kit include the handle, trigger, and one tube to hold the bullets.