The AlphaGun Compared to the Theragun, HyperVolt, KraftGun, Opove, and Exogun

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Top Percussive Massage Guns Compared

We get a lot of questions about how the AlphaGun X massage gun compares to other percussive massage devices, so here's our full comparison.

There are many different massage devices, and they range from under $200 to over $600.  Some are very well known and others are more niche.  Although they often look similar the key features, such as the number of speeds and battery life, can vary a lot.

The key features for comparison are:

  1. The number of speed settings
  2. Number of massage head attachments
  3. Stall force (how much pressure can be applied)
  4. Noise level of the devices when in use
  5. Battery life
  6. The Price
  7. Shipping times

We've designed the new AlphaGun X to be one of the best value percussive massagers - cheaper than similar devices but with more speeds, more massage heads and longer battery life, but without compromising on noise levels, stall force or shipping time (as some massagers do).

The devices we've compared are:

  1. The HyperVolt ($299 + $49 for case)
  2. The AlphaGun X ($149, case included)
  3. The Theragun Prime ($299, no case)
  4. The KraftGun Force ($369, case included)
  5. The Exogun ($199, case included)
  6. The Opove ($199, case included)

So let's see how they compare...

Speed Settings

More speeds means that you can start at a lower speed setting and increase more gradually, as the jump between each speed level is smaller.

If you're particularly sore or new to using percussive massage devices, this can make the device much more comfortable to use.

Also, many users will find the top speeds of any device too intense and not use them at all.  So devices with only 3-4 speeds effectively only have 1-2 speeds for many users - and those speed settings will have a large jump between them.

But a device with 30 speeds should still have at least 15-20 settings even a user looking for a lower intensity will find effective.

A device with more speeds may be more comfortable and usable for a wider range of people.

With that in mind, here is a comparison of the number of speed settings each device offers.

The AlphaGun X has the most speeds by far at 30 - ranging from 1,000 RPM (the lowest of the devices we compared) to 3,500 RPM.

Massage guns compared

The Hypervolt and KraftGun both have 3 speeds, while the Theragun has 5 and the Exogun has 6.

The AlphaGun X has 30 - the most speeds and the widest range - starting at the most gentle right up to the highest RPM of the devices we tested.

Massage heads

The HyperVolt comes with 5 massage heads, as does the Opove.  The Theragun Prime, KraftGun and Exogun all have 4 heads, while the AlphaGun X comes with 8 massage heads.

The Alphagun has 8 massage head attachments compared to an average of 4/5

Some massage heads, such as the soft round head, are versatile and designed for the full body.  Others are designed for more specific purposes, so the more a device has the more tailored your massage could be.

The AlphaGun X is the only device to come with two soft round (full body) heads - one large and one small.  It also has almost 2x as many heads as the average of 4-5.

Stall Force

The stall force is how much pressure can be applied to the device before it cuts out - "stalls".

All the devices we compared have more than 30lb, which should be enough for almost all users.

Stall force by device

The Theragun Prime has the lowest stall force at 30lb, while the Opove and Exogun had slightly more at 40lb.  The HyperVolt and AlphaGun X both have 50lb and the KraftGun has the highest stall force at 80lb.

Noise Level

All the devices had a maximum noise level of between 60-65db apart from the Exogun which was louder with a maximum of 70db.

60-65db is comparable to a normal conversation volume or an electric toothbrush.

Massagers by noise level

While the noise levels are all quite similar at the max speed, the devices with more speeds such as the AlphaGun X (which has 30 speeds) has lower noise level at their lowest settings.

Battery Life

Battery life ranged significantly.  The Opove and AlphaGun X had the longest time between charges (up to 4 or 5 hours) and the Theragun Prime had the shorted battery life.

Battery life - the AlphaGun has the most at 5 hours


The most expensive device is the KraftGun at $369, while the AlphaGun X has the lowest price - it is currently reduced from $299 - at $149.

The AlphaGun is the cheapest at $179 while the KraftGun is the most expensive at $369

Some of the most expensive devices, such as the HyperVolt and the Theragun, do not come with a carry case - to get one you'll need to pay an extra $49.

All other devices include a carry case at no extra cost.

Shipping Times

Most of the devices we compared took less than 7 days to arrive and were shipped from the USA.

However, it was not the case that the more expensive the devices had faster shipping.  In fact, the most expensive (the KraftGun) has the slowest shipping at up to 54 days in the USA.

Out of the lower cost devices, both the Opove and the AlphaGun X took 7 days of less to arrive.

The KraftGun and Exogun had the slowest shipping by a long way - up to 8 weeks

How The Alpha Compares

The AlphaGun X has the same or better battery life (up to 5 hours) as the top alternatives, including the HyperVolt and Theragun, the same 1 year warranty, and about the same noise level (60-65 dB).

But while most massage guns have 4-5 massage heads and 3-6 speeds, the new AlphaGun X has 8 attachment heads, 30 speed settings and an LCD display, making it more capable of giving your whole body a highly customized massage.

AlphaGun X

Although the Alpha has a lower stall force than some alternatives, with a max RPM of 3,500 its still among the most powerful massagers on the market for less than $300.

Finally, AlphaGun X is also significantly cheaper than the alternatives compared below.

Compared to the Hypervolt, for example, the AlphaGun X is over $100 cheaper but has similar battery life, 1 year warranty and shipping time. 

In addition, the AlphaGun X has an LCD screen which allows you to adjust it to 30 speed settings instead of the HyperVolt's 3, and while the AlphaGun X is about the same noise level and slightly lower stall force, it has a higher RPM at 3,500. 

Crucially, the AlphaGun X has 8 attachment heads - more than any of the massage guns we compared.

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Full data table

AlphaGun X Exogun Opove HyperVolt Theragun Prime KraftGun



$149 $199 $199 $299+ $299 $369


3-7 days 30 days 7 days 3-7 days 3-7 days 45-54 days
Speeds 30 6 4 3 5 3
Attachments 8 4 5 5 4 4
RPM 3,500 3,200 3,200 3,200 2,400 2,400
Digital/LCD Yes No No No No No
Stall force 50 lb 40 lb 40 lb 25-30 lb 30 lb 80 lb
Noise level 65 dB 70 dB 65 dB 65 dB 65 dB 65 
Battery life 5 hours 3 hours 4 hours 3 hours 2 hours 3.5 hours
Warranty 1 year
1 year
1 year
1 year
2 years
1 year



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