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Opove M3 Pro Max Review: The Good, Bad and Alternatives

The Opove M3 Pro Max (the new version of the Opove M3 Pro) is a popular and relatively inexpensive percussive massage gun that's available on Amazon.

It's one of many similar massage guns on the market, including the Hyperice HyperVolt, the KraftGun, and our very own AlphaGun V6.

So it's worth looking at the Opove M3 Pro Max in detail - and some of its contemporaries.  There are a number of good massage guns out there, some of which offer a more powerful, customizable massage with more advanced features - as well as a lower price.

In this Opove M3 Pro Max review, I'm going to cover:

1. What the features of the Opove M3 Pro Max are
2. What's good about the Opove
3. What's bad about it
4. Finally how it compares to the AlphaGun V6, which is cheaper* and has some additional features the Opove lacks

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What's good about the Opove M3 Pro Max?

The Opove M3 Pro Max packs a 3,200 RPM.  It comes with 5 massage heads, 4 speed settings, battery life of up to 4 hours and a carry case.  Weighing just over 2lb, the Opove is relatively lightweight.

At 60-65dB, the Opove is quieter than some massage guns.  It has a stall force of 50lb, which is similar to most massage guns we compared.  Most users will not need to apply 50lb of force, so that's more than enough.

The 4 speed settings mean you can adjust the intensity (RPM) of the massage, which effectively means it provides four different massage programs.

However, 4 speeds is quite limited and the intensity (and noise) jumps noticeably between them. Other devices offer more gradations (speed settings), which means you can adjust up and down more gradually and get a more customized massage.  Some alternatives have as many as 30 speeds compared to the Opove's 4.

Opove M3 Pro Max Review

Perhaps the key feature of the Opove M3 Pro Max is the price: at only $199 it's significantly cheaper than the HyperVolt or the Theragun.

Opove is a reasonably well known massage device maker, and the design of the M3 Pro Max looks almost identical to a black HyperVolt.  It's well designed and well built.

What's bad about the Opove?

While the Opove is a good budget alternative to the Hypervolt, KraftGun and Theragun, it has limited functionality.

Even the M3 Pro Max, the latest version of the Opove, has only 4 speeds - so you can only do four different massage levels.

This means the minimum speed is higher than some devices and the gap between speeds is bigger - you can't increase speeds gradually. So you get a less customized massage.

Why does this matter?  Suppose part of your body is very sore from exercise and can only take a light massage - the lowest setting on the Opove is going to be higher (more intense) than a device with more speeds (e.g. the AlphaGun, which has 30 speeds).

A smaller jump between each different level of massage intensity might also make a device with 30 speeds more comfortable and easy to use than one with only 4.

As well as this, the Opove M3 Pro has only 5 massage heads, while for example, the AlphaGun V6 ($149 - $50 cheaper) has 6 heads and the AlphaGun X has 8 ($199 - same price as the Opove).

Additional heads are designed for specific areas of the body - the Opove is less well equipped to give an effective massage to the whole body with its limited range of heads.

The combination of fewer speeds and massage heads means that the Opove provides a less custom massage than some other devices.

The Opove is a well made device, but you'll be paying nearly $200 for a device with quite limited functionality compared to newer alternatives - and some are cheaper too.

For that price or less you could easily get a massager with more features, still shipped from the US (no need to wait a month for it to arrive).

The Top Alternatives

Of course the market leaders are the Theragun and HyperVolt, but both are significantly more expensive than the Opove.

These are both excellent devices - the only problem is the high price tag, which is why cheaper but similar alternatives like the Opove are popular.

There are, however, even better value massage guns than the $199 Opove M3 Pro.

The Exogun, for example, has the same RPM, same battery life and comes with 4 massage heads.  It's the same price too, at $199.  The Exogun has slightly more speeds (6 compared to 4 with the Opove M3 Pro Max) but fewer heads (4 compared to 5).

You can see the top six massagers compared side by side here.

Then there's the AlphaGun V6, which is currently on sale at $149 (temporarily reduced from $249), making it $50 cheaper than both the Opove and the Exogun.

This month (Black Friday sale all of November) you can get an extra $10 off, making it $60 cheaper than the Opove, with the code ALPHA10.

The AlphaGun is significantly more customizable - it has 30 speeds and 6 massage headsMore of both than the Opove.

It also has the same battery life (up to 4 hours), the same powerful RPM (3,200) and about the same stall force.

Opove M3 Pro Review Compared to AlphaGun V6

The Alpha comes with all the key features of the Opove M3 Pro: quiet glide technology (60-65 dB), a powerful brushless motor, strong outer casing, lithium-ion battery and a carry case.

Both are relatively quiet at about 60dB, although no massage gun is totally silent, this is comparable to an electric toothbrush on most settings.

But the AlphaGun does have three key advantages over even the latest version of the Opove: it's cheaper, just as powerful and much more customizable.

1. The AlphaGun V6 has a 3,200 RPM motor the same as the 3,200 RPM motor of the Opove M3 Pro. This means the Alpha gives you an equally powerful and effective massage.

2. The AlphaGun has 6 massage heads while the Opove M3 Pro has only 5. Massage heads come in different shapes and sizes and are designed for different parts of the body - 50% more means the AlphaGun V6 is more adaptable and tailored to your whole body.

3. The AlphaGun has also has 30 speeds compared to the Opove's 4.  The Alpha has an LCD screen where you can select between 30 speeds from very gentle to intense, making it significantly more customizable - gentle when you're particularly sore, intense when required and at gradual increases in between.

Coupled with more massage heads designed for different body parts, this makes the AlphaGun one of the most adaptable percussive massagers, it's also up to $60 cheaper.

Opove m3 pro

4. The AlphaGun is shipped from the USA and delivered (free) in 3-7 days or less.

5. The AlphaGun is cheaper at $149 - than the Opove M3 Pro, despite having more features.  Get an extra $10 off with ALPHA10 code.

Both come with a carry case and chargers with US plugs.  Both have a 30 day money back guarantee and a one year warranty.

Four key reasons to try the AlphaGun instead:

1. It's $60 cheaper at $139 compared to $199 (with discount code: ALPHA10)

2. The AlphaGun has a 6 massage heads - more than the Opove

3. The AlphaGun has 30 speeds compared to the Opove's 4 speeds

4. The AlphaGun V6 has a 3,200 RPM motor - same power as the Opove, but with more speed settings it has a much lower minimum and more gentle increases in speed.

Opove M3 Pro Reviews

So, for a limited time - while the sale and discount code last - you can get a more powerful and versatile massage gun for $50 less by choosing the AlphaGun V6.


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Opove M3 Pro vs the AlphaGun
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