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KraftGun Review: The Good, The Bad and The Alternatives

The KraftGun (sometimes called KraftGun Forceis a popular and powerful percussive massage gun.  It's been described as the "most powerful" massage gun on the market, but many customers have also complained about the very slow shipping time of 3 months and sometimes longer.

There are many alternative massage guns too, including the similar looking Theragun, the HyperVolt, and our very own AlphaGun V6.

Some of these other massage guns offer more features than the KraftGun, as well as faster shipping, and are much cheaper too (the KraftGun is one of the most expensive at $369).

In this KraftGun review, I'm going to cover:

1. What the features of the KraftGun are
2. What's good about the KraftGun
3. What's bad about it
4. The KraftGun alternatives: how it compares to other massagers like the AlphaGun V6, which is over $200 cheaper, has much faster delivery times and has some other features the KraftGun lacks.

Kraftgun force review

What's Good About the KraftGun Force?

The KraftGun packs a powerful 2,400 max RPM.  It comes with 4 massage heads, a battery life of up to 3.5 hours, a brushless motor and branded carry case.  Weighing about 2.2lb, the KraftGun is bulky but relatively lightweight.

The key feature of the KraftGun is its stall force: at 80lb it has the highest stall force of all the massagers we tested.  Higher even than the original massage gun, the Theragun.

This is impressive, but stall force is essentially just the amount of force you can apply to the massager before it “stalls” or cuts out.

A super high stall force isn’t really necessary - for example the market leading (and very expensive) Theragun has only 40lb and the Opove (an Amazon bestseller) needs only 30lb, which are more than enough.

Another important feature of the KraftGun is the battery life - at 3.5 hours the KraftGun has a slightly longer battery life than the average: 0.5 hours longer than the average of 3 hours. 

The KraftGun is expensive at $369.  So are the key features of the KraftGun (more stall force, extra 30 mins battery life and appealing design) worth the high price?

What Does it Lack?

The biggest problem with the KraftGun is the slow delivery.  There are many customers on Twitter complaining about very long shipping delays.  Here's a recent example.

Some users on the Better Business Bureau have also complained about delays.  In a few cases shipping has taken more than a year, and overall the BBB has recorded more than 200 complaints.

On the KraftGun website, the delivery timescale has been clearly stated:

KraftGun delivery time

This is a lot slower than almost all alternatives, but there are still satisfied customers as well and the makers of the KraftGun are upfront about the slow shipping times.

The KraftGun has 3 speed settings which range from 1,800 to 2,400 RPM.  This is fewer speeds than many other massage guns and the top RPM is lower than most alternatives as well, but it's still a powerful device and is built with a forceful motor.

The KraftGun now comes with 4 massage heads (used to be 3), which matches the average in our test.  However, many cheaper alternatives have more, making them more versatile and tailored to more parts of the body. The HyperVolt has 5 heads and the AlphaGun X has 8 heads.

Finally, despite the very slow delivery and limited functionality, the KraftGun is one of the most expensive at $369.

It is, however, a powerful and well designed percussive massage device.

The Top KraftGun Alternatives

Of course the market leaders are the Theragun and HyperVolt, but both are also expensive at around $300 or more.

You can, however, still get a percussive massage device with more features and faster delivery for less than half the price of the KraftGun.

Both the Exogun and the Opove M3 Pro (for example) come with a higher RPM, more speed settings, 4 massage heads, and are much cheaper at $199.  They also both have a 3 hour battery life, similar (low) noise levels and (except for the Exogun) faster delivery.

As well as these, the AlphaGun V6 combines all these features but at the highly competitive price of $129 - that's $120 off, temporarily reduced from $249.

The AlphaGun is shipped from the USA (with free shipping) and delivered within 2-4 days.

The AlphaGun comes with all the key features of the KraftGun: equally low-noise motor, strong outer casing, similarly lightweight, a lithium-ion battery, a 1 year warranty and a carrying case.

But the AlphaGun has four key advantages over the KraftGun: it's much cheaper, more powerful (higher RPM), more customizable (more speeds and heads) and delivery is much faster.

1. The AlphaGun V6 has a 3,200 RPM motor compared to the 2,400 RPM motor of the KraftGun. This means the AlphaGun gives you a more powerful massage at its top speed.

2. The AlphaGun V6 has 7 massage heads while the KraftGun has only 4. Massage heads come in different shapes and sizes and are designed for different parts of the body - almost 2x as many means the AlphaGun V6 is more adaptable and tailored to your whole body.

3. The AlphaGun also has 30 speed settings compared to the KraftGun's 3. The Alpha has an LCD screen where you can select between 30 speeds from gentle to intense, making it significantly more customizable - gentle when you're particularly sore, intense when required, and at gradual increases in between.

Coupled with 2x as many massage heads designed for different body parts, this makes the AlphaGun X one of the most adaptable percussive massagers around.

4. The AlphaGun is delivered free (in the USA) in about 2-4 days, and shipped from a US-based warehouse in Texas, while the KraftGun can take weeks or months to arrive.

5. The AlphaGun is significantly cheaper at $129 - over $200 cheaper than the KraftGun. Less than half the price.

While the KraftGun is a good percussive massager, there are cheaper alternatives with more features and faster shipping. The AlphaGun V6 is the best value for money out of those we compared.

Four key reasons to try the AlphaGun V6 instead:

1. It's $240 cheaper at $129 compared to $369

2. The Alpha has more massage heads: 7 compared to 4 with the KraftGun

3. The AlphaGun has a digital control panel and 10x as many speed settings

4. The Alpha is delivered much faster than the KraftGun from a warehouse in the USA (free shipping and returns in USA too)

5. The AlphaGun has a 3,200 RPM motor - more powerful than the KraftGun's 2,400 RPM motor

Finally, the AlphaGun has a 4 hour battery life and 1 year warranty, like the KraftGun - and has many positive reviews too.

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Opove M3 Pro vs the AlphaGun
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KraftGun Review FAQ's

Is the KraftGun still available to buy?

No, the KraftGun website has been closed for about one year now, although it may relaunch in the future.

What do I do if I've bought the KraftGun and not received it yet?

You should contact Kraft using the email address on your order confirmation email.

How long is the warranty on the KraftGun?

The Kraftgun Force comes with a one year warranty.

Does the KraftGun come with a replacement battery?

No, the Kraftgun force has an inbuilt battery that cannot be replaced.

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