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Theragun Prime Review: The Good, The Bad and The Alternatives

The Theragun is one of the leading percussive massagers, and the Theragun Prime is the budget model of the range.  At $299, The Theragun Prime is a lot cheaper than the Elite ($399) and the Pro ($599) versions. But when compared to other budget-friendly massage devices, The Theragun Prime is still relatively expensive. Alternatives including the Opove, the Exogun, and our very own AlphaGun X are priced at more than $100 less, but offer more features and accessories. So it's important to compare the Theragun Prime to the other budget alternatives.  In this review, I'm going to cover: 1. What the features of the Theragun Prime are2. What's good about the Prime3. What's bad about it4. How it compares to other massagers like the AlphaGun X, which is $120 cheaper but has more heads, stall force, speeds and battery life. What's Good About the Theragun Prime? The Theragun Prime has 5 speeds - ranging...

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HyperVolt Review: Why Are So Many Searching For Alternatives?

The Hyperice HyperVolt is one of the first and most well-known percussive massage devices. It's now one of many massage guns on the market, and the technology has developed rapidly in recent years. There are now many high quality percussive massage devices to choose from, some offering more features for less money. Popular alternatives include the Theragun, Opove, ExoGun, and our very own AlphaGun X. However, the HyperVolt remains both one of the most popular expensive devices - so it's worth looking at it in detail before exploring the alternatives. In this HyperVolt review, I'm going to cover: 1. What the features of the HyperVolt are2. What's good about the HyperVolt3. What's bad about it4. Finally how it compares to the AlphaGun X, which is at least $120 cheaper, but has more speeds and more massage heads. What's good about the HyperVolt? The HyperVolt is one of...

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